ARUN currently invests in five social enteprises in Cambodia and two in India.

iKure Techsoft

iKure Techsoft utilizes technology to provide primary healthcare in rural areas with no access to healthcare. It has attracted attention both nationally and globally for its groundbreaking and practical synthesis of technical prowess and medical technology. Click here for details.


Lighting Engineering Solutions

Lighting Engineering & Solutions addresses both environmental and labor issues by employing local residents in the sale of solar panels in low electrification areas of Cambodia. Click here for details.


Sahakreas CEDAC

CEDAC, the parent organization of Sahakreas CEDAC (SKC) is a key NGO in Cambodia that supports the creation of powerful farming associations by enhancing the ability of farmers to produce, manage, market and sell rice themselves through the establishment of a solid cooperative structure. Click here for details.


Arjuni International, Ltd.

Arjuni International creates employment for socially vulnerable women in Cambodia through the business of producing and selling hair extensions, and helps them to achieve independence. Click here for details.


Frangipani Villa Hotels

Frangipani Villa promotes ecotourism through the operation of boutique hotels in the medium price range, and focuses on providing training for social minorities and youths by proactively employing people from poor rural villages. Click here for details.  



Drinkwell operates water-filtration businesses in India and Bangladesh. It seeks to reduce the health impacts of contaminated groundwater by working with governments and NGOs to make affordable, safe drinking water widely available. Click here for details.



Stellapps tackles the problem of low productivity and inefficient supply chain in Indian Dairy sector through IoT technology. Its technology-based solutions will allow to monitor and control an effective management of every step of the value chains: production; procurement; storage; cold chain; and payment, etc. Click here for details.  



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