Our courses and events are designed to share real-life knowledge and learnings from our experience in social investment in developing countries. They provide a forum to experience the realities of social business in developing countries, find new international cooperation opportunities and business prospects and train globally-competent personnel.
We currently offer the following services as part of our school business.


  • Social Investment School Course

“Social investment” is a new form of investment that pursues social returns in addition to economic returns. In this course, participants learn about the basics of social investment.
Through its social investments, ARUN has been instrumental in creating a variety of social impacts. While the focus of investments has traditionally been limited to economic returns, social investments are also concerned with the impact investees have on society. Examples of social impacts include the creation of employment opportunities and infrastructure development.

We are able to understand whether an investment really has an impact on society by taking into account aspects that cannot be measured by money alone. ARUN has been active at the forefront of social investment for over five years. Because it was unexplored territory, many mistakes were made along the way.
Through this course, we will share the basics of social investment, discuss what it means to work at the forefront of social investment, and communicate how the invested funds can reap economic and social results that outweigh their monetary value.


  • ARUN School for Middle and High School Students

Social investment is a new field. It is therefore a field that people who will be leading the future should understand. Social entrepreneurs around the world engage in their businesses, each with their own desires to overcome a variety of issues such as poverty, environmental degradation and conflict. We hope that by helping the younger generation to understand these desires, we will inspire them to create bridges between Japan and the rest of the world.

ARUN School for Middle and High School Students is offered by request from incorporated educational institutions. The objective of the school is to nurture the ability to think and act for oneself. Through workshops at ARUN School for Middle and High School Students, students learn about the existence of developing country social entrepreneurs who are fighting for the development of their countries and regions and about “social investment”, a new form of international cooperation. This experience is expected to stimulate an interest in international cooperation. Students also learn to think and act for themselves by learning about social entrepreneurs who are striving to solve social issues and by experiencing the process themselves.


  • Corporate Training

Social investment is a new way of social contribution that emphasizes impact. We offer instruction on CSR/CSV and social investment in a globalizing world with reference to the latest data, for people involved in CSR and new business development at corporations. At the training events, we work together to help create a new form of social investment for corporations, and support the enhancement of business value and brand value.

Clients: Mitsubishi Corporation, Softbank Corp. Ricoh Japan Corp., etc.