ARUN’s social investment is a contribution to the architect of “a society where all members live and enjoy the full range of their talents and abilities, regardless of background and economic status.” Living in a country or a region socio-economically challenged, a person does not have many options in his/her life. Under such conditions, however, we have met people who fight to create their options and try to achieve their potential persistently. We have learned that such action is the key for people to pursue their own lives confidently. We believe that social businesses play significant roles in creating the “A society where all members live and enjoy the full range of their talents and abilities.”


  • ARUN’s Social Investment System

The recipients of ARUN’s investments are social entrepreneurs and projects by entrepreneurs in developing countries who engage in the solution for poverty. With strong wills to advance society with their own hands, they use the power of independent business to reduce poverty and strive to change their society. ARUN supports such social entrepreneur with necessary funds and human resources, while providing managerial support such as knowledge, technology and network according to the project stage and type of project, aiming to increase the value of the companies that are invested.

ARUN considers returns in social investment in two categories: financial return and social return. In order to monitor and share the results of the social investment, ARUN gathers information by monitoring the projects that are receiving investments frequently and evaluate them with indexes such as project scope, finance, and social impact.


  • Social Impact Generated By ARUN – Examples

ARUN’s investments are diverse, including agriculture, production of hair-extensions, medical, hotel industry and electricity. The recipients of ARUN’s investments are generating unique social impacts. The following are some samples of such social impacts.


  • Cloud Social Investment

In order to widely promote social investments, we established a system called Cloud Social Investment which targets corporations. It is a system to deliver donations from Japanese corporations as investments in social businesses (social investment) by social entrepreneurs around the world, aiming to stimulate the efficacy of social problem solving.


  • Global Network

ARUN, as a pioneer social investment institution in Japan, performs investments to social businesses in Cambodia and India. Simultaneously, ARUN organizes International symposiums on social investment to connect with global social investment institutions in Asia, Europe and the United States.

 GIIN (Global Impact Investment Network)

GIIN was conceived and created by a group of investors gathered under the Rockefeller Foundation. Their initial projects consisted of three initiatives: the creation of a global network of leading impact investors; the development of a standardized framework for assessing social and environmental impact; and a development of a working group of investors focused on sustainable agriculture in sub-Saharan Africa. (

■ Intellecap

Intellecap is a social investment institution established in India in 2002. Its work focuses on the improvement of the quality of lives of people who are at the Base of the Economic Pyramid (BOP), who are likely be left behind from the global economic growth for the reasons such as lack of the opportunities to receive education and medical care and difficulties of securing funds.

■ Ennovent

Ennovent was established in Austria in 2008. While low-income market potentially has many opportunities for innovations and social impacts, people in the low-income market suffer many restrictions and risks such as limited access to the services and limited supply routes of merchandise to the market. Ennovent aims to promote innovations that support sustainability of the low-income market in developing countries.


AVPN is a unique funders’ network based in Singapore and its mission is “to increase the flow of financial, human and intellectual capital to the social sector “ in the Asia Pacific region.

■ Shujog

Shujog is an organization based in Singapore, created by Dr. Durreen Shahnaz. Shujog was established based on the belief that the capital market can create social good in the world. By eliminating current obstacles to the market opportunities, it pursues the concept of the public trading platform for social enterprises to unleash their potential.