ARUN Seed is starting an SNS Social Entrepreneur Series!

This series will aim to introduce the current situation and challenges of social entrepreneurs in the midst of COVID-19 and the future goals they hope to achieve. In this process, we hope that each individual can find what they can do in different places of the world since the initiative of the series is not only to learn more about social businesses but to seek ways to help and support. By sharing stories from various entrepreneurs, we aim to raise awareness and form potential partnerships and collaborations. 

In the long term, ARUN plans to play the role of a facilitator and develop an online platform where entrepreneurs can network with peers, supporters, and potential business partners with the SNS Social Entrepreneur Series marking the starting point. 

As I was given the opportunity to participate in the preparation of the series, I have been able to communicate with several social entrepreneurs. Each business was piecing together different approaches to the same ultimate goal: to resolve social and environmental issues. I am excited to share the approaches taken by social enterprises and I look forward to introducing them to the public. 

We will soon be posting our first Social Entrepreneur Series post so please stay tuned!

Please visit ARUN’s Instagram page (@arunseed) for more information.