Thank you always for your continued support of ARUN Seed’s activities. We are pleased to report on the progress of the business competition: led by our CSI Challenge pro bono members and interns, we have selected this year’s 6 finalists!

We have conducted online interviews with our 12 semi finalists and learnt of inspiring business models, impacts created by such innovative ideas, how companies are tackling challenges derived from the Covid-19 pandemic and entrepreneurs’ aspirations to contribute to the society. Through a lengthy internal discussion and debate, we have come to select our final 6 candidates to proceed to the final stage.

During the final pitch session on December 12, 2020, we will all listen in to entrepreneurs’ presentations followed by Q&A sessions. Our judges will select the winner to whom ARUN will invest up to US$50,000. The final judging session is open to everyone. Please see the link below for more information:

Here are brief introductions of the finalists:

GGateway for Outsourcing Information Technology (Palestine-Gaza)
The company provides IT outsourcing service in the Palestinian Gaza Strip, aiming to empower young people in the Gaza Strip by creating jobs, from IT skills training to job opportunities, all in one fell swoop.

Mosabi (Sierra Leone)
The company provides online educational services for entrepreneurs in the informal sector. It aims to solve the challenges of access to finance by capturing users’ data and sharing it with financial institutions to support their credit evaluation.

Sirona Hygiene Private Limited (India)
The company aims to provide solutions to the hygiene problems faced by women in India through its products. The company’s products include “Pee Buddy,” a standing toilet, and “Reusable Menstrual Cup.”

Janitri Innovations Private Limited (India)
The company developed products for remote medical treatment of pregnant women’s health. Provides patches for medical institutions to measure the fetal heart rate and remote medical care applications using the patches.

Greenovator Co.Ltd (Myanmar)
The company aims to improve agriculture productivity, which accounts for 30% of its GDP, through a mobile app and further access to microfinance institutions in Myanmar.

Du Anyam (Indonesia)
In Indonesia’s rural areas, the challenge is to improve people’s income from the sale of traditional crafts. Using an app to connect purchasing companies (e.g., major furniture manufacturers) with rural artisans, the company provides services such as supply chain visibility and access to finance for rural artisans.

The final pitch session will offer a valuable experience to hear the real voices of entrepreneurs in developing countries. We look forward to your participation to the event.