ARUN is a Japanese Social investment platform dedicated to support social enterprises in developing countries and promote exchange between social entrepreneurs and investors. Through these activities, we have met so many passionate entrepreneurs both from Japan and abroad.


As part of our aim to spread out the concept of “Social Business”, ARUN is going to hold the “ARUN Social Business Competition 2015” under the theme: Finding Solutions to Social Challenges through Social Business.


Through this program, participants can

・acquire new perspective and knowledge about the social problem,

・learn how to tackle the problem and make solutions with business mind, and

・foster their own leadership and communication skills.


In this program, you can build a network with students from diverse back ground with common aims and ambitions. We strongly welcome international students to encourage communication between both Japanese and oversea students.


Seats are available for 20 participants only. We get to start selecting participants as soon as we got register from students. So, register early and let’s work and enjoy together!



Date : 5th July (Sunday)~ August

Venue : Tokyo、Miyagi

Organizer : ARUN Seed

Cooperation : J-Seed Ventures, Inc.

Contents :
STEP 1     Workshop① 5th July @ Tokyo:   What is “Social Investment”?
STEP 2 Workshop② 18th July @ Tokyo: What is Social entrepreneurs? Learn the methods of making Business model.
STEP 3 Field works 3rd~5th August @ Miyagi:  Learn from Social entrepreneurs; See real case in the field
STEP 4 Workshop③ 18th August @ Tokyo:  Making a Business model
STEP 5 Social Business Competition① 19th August @ Tokyo: Mentoring session, Discussion
STEP 6 Business Competition② 20th August @ Tokyo: Presentation


Number of participants :  20 students( Undergraduate, Postgraduate )
International students are encouraged to apply.
English materials can be supplied as needed.

Fee : 18,000 yen     *Please note that there is separate expenses for transportation between Tokyo and Sendai and  lodging at Sendai (appx. 12,000 yen ) 

Registration deadline : 30th June 2015 (Tuesday)18:00

How to apply :  Apply from the form below
**Please be reminded that there will be a selection process, thus registration only doesn’t secure your seat.
We will contact you when we accept your application.

Thank you for applying

Information session :
Date : 10th June(Wednesday) 17:00~19:00
Venue : 9th floor Isshin Building, 2-11-7 Yaesu, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0028

APPLY FOR Information session

Contact : info@arunseed.jp

Program details

<Module 1> Understand the Basis of Business

Workshop1@Tokyo Date:5th July(Sunday)11:00~17:00
Venue:Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Contents:”Understand Social Investment”
   ・the aim for this program
   ・definition and current situation of “Social Investment”
   ・What ARUN do through Social Investment?
   ・make a business model to generate social impact

Workshop1@Tokyo Date:18th July(Saturday)11:00~17:00
Venue:Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Contents:”What is Social entrepreneurs? Learn the methods of making Business model.”
   ・cultivate business mind
   ・What is project management?
   ・the importance of communication skill in business
   ・understand business model
   ・some example of Social entrepreneurs

<Module 2> Field work

Field work @Miyagi Date:3rd August(Monday)13:00  Start at Sendai
5th August(Wednesday)17:00  
Finish at Sendai
Where we visit: Discussion with REAL social entrepreneurs
・Agricultural Production Corporation GRA Inc.(http://www.gra-inc.jp/english/index.html
・Roku Farm ATARATA
Learn community-based company

・Iwaki Diecast co., ltd 
・voice of earthquake experience

Expenditure:All food cost and transportation cost in Sendai are paid by ARUN.
Please note that transportation fee to/from Sendai station and lodging fees (about 12,000 yen) are excluded.

<Module 3>Business competition 
 Date:18th August(Tuesday)11:00~17:00
Venue:Tokyo Contents:” Making a Business model”
     ・make a business model from customers/stakeholders side
         ・make a business model with group
Business competition1 @Tokyo
Date:19th August(Wednesday)11:00~17:00

Contents:” Mentoring session, Discussion”
           ・mentoring session by real entrepreneur
   ・reconstructing the business model
Instructor:C. Jeffrey Char, President and CEO (http://www.j-seed.com/aboutus/team.html)
Business competition2 @Tokyo
Date:20th August(Thursday)11:00~17:00
Venue:Tokyo Contents:”Business competition”
Instructor:C. Jeffrey Char, President and CEO (http://www.j-seed.com/aboutus/team.html)

*This program is sponsored by Japan Post Co. Ltd.
*Schedule and Contents might change.

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