Being a part of ARUN SEED’s CSI Challenge Team has left me with many special memories. We have envisioned this challenge to be a Launchpad for social enterprises across Asia who are on a mission to solve serious social issues, one problem at a time. ARUN SEED will invest in the winning venture and will advise them all through their journey.

Reviewing several social ventures’ business models and interacting with them all through the challenge had exposed me to the incredible work ethic and passion all of the entrepreneurs bring to the table. It is hard for someone to not be inspired after interacting with many such role models from different national and local contexts.

ARUN SEED is a not-for-profit organization and has a ‘revolving fund’ where the future investment returns accrued from this challenge will be re-invested into another social venture. This way, every dollar contributed to ARUN SEED is leveraged many times over.

The crowdfunding activity is designed with an objective to democratize social investing and include the general public in Japan to be active stakeholders in social innovation landscape of Asia – the donations thus raised will contribute to the ‘revolving fund’ and will be re-invested over and over again. The social impact your money will create through ARUN SEED will be many times larger than a simple act of charity.

Please donate at and get a ringside view as these ventures are empowering the lives of many.