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Milk Mantra is a privately held company based in India established in 2009. It’s a company that sources, processes, and sells dairy food products.

Milk Mantra was founded and is directed by Srikumar Misra, who has left an 8-year successful global corporate career (the Tata Tea/Tetley in China, South Africa, UK to Europe). He came back to India with a vision of creating pure and healthy dairy products that simultaneously create sustainable impact amongst network farmers, particularly in Orissa. With his successful career and strong core anagement team, Stanford Business School has done an extensive case study on Milk Mantra in 2013, and this raised public awareness of Milk Mantra which then was chosen, in 2014, as the ‘Best Medium Scale Company’ by Orissa Assembly of Small and Medium Enterprises.

He also received the The “Business Leader Award” to the CEO at the Think Odisha Leadership Awards and in 2016, he was selected as one of the 40 under 40 CEOs featured by the Fortune magazine.


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Milk Mantra Missions:

  • creating natural, healthier milk and dairy products for urban communities
  • ethical milk sourcing from rural dairy farmers to give them further access to the market

The current dairy sector in India is “unorganised”, with both the government and private players. The quality of milk consequently remains low, and urban households across the country need to boil packed milk to ensure its safety.

Benefits to the society:
By completing two missions above,

  1. Promote the well-being of all in urban communities as customer base, who already have comparatively higher purchasing power,
  2. Grow and engage existing farmers to ensure their quality of milk, resulting in further access to the market; hence reduces poverty, and
  3. Overall industrial development.

Business model:

1) Focus on product innovation, packaging design, and brand messaging.

  • Partnered with Sweden-based DeLaval for the cold chain for fresh milk delivery
  • Partnered with German Multivac Technology for longest shelf life
  • Keep its catchy brand “Moo”.

The dairy processing plants are located in 3 rural areas for supply chain efficiency – reduced transportation time and milk freshness. Its flagship brand, Milky Moo has Dahi yoghurt, Paneer, Lassi and Buttermilk. Its second product Moo Shake is the world’s 1st milkshake with curcumin which is very high in anti-oxidants, boosting immune system. These are sold in retail stores and delivered to homes.

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2) Ethical Milk Sourcing Programme

  • Provide an assured market for rural farmers
  • Offer complete pricing and payment transparency
  • Provide access to a variety of development services to improve quality of milk

Each transaction is recorded only after checking the quality of milk and the farmer’s satisfaction with the price. Providing access to such development services would also result in overall industrial development in states of operation.

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Starting with the venture capital Eight Bank, there are Aavishkaar, IDBI Bank, and Angel investors.

Social impact:
Since the inception in 2009 and went in operation in 2012, over 3million population was impacted in some forms, and Milk Mantra sourced from 30,000+ farmers, which indicates that 200+ villages have benefited from Milk Mantra services. (As of June, 2016)

Milk Mantra is working hard to further complete its mission beyond Orissa. Milk Mantra is one of many companies that create greater social impact through its business model. With its successful business model and stable social impact being created, we hope to keep our eyes on Milk Mantra’s progress. We hope you keep abreast of their progress through the website here.


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