A Platform Connecting Developing Countries And Us
ARUN invests in social entrepreneurs in developing countries with the capital funds from individuals and businesses in Japan. The recipients of investments are social entrepreneurs in developing countries who tackle social problems such as poverty. Instead of relying on traditional forms of aids, they are determined to solve poverty with their independent business power and change their society. ARUN commits to building a platform that leads to social investment, by connecting entrepreneurs and investors through investments and creating “purposeful money” flow that invests in a more sustainable, richer and harmonious society.

Our Vision
A society where all members live and enjoy the full range of their talents and abilities, regardless of background and economic status.

Our Mission

  • To empower people in developing countries and to create opportunities
  • To discover capable social entrepreneurs in developing countries
  • To provide funds, knowledge, technology and network to the social entrepreneurs
  • To build participatory social investment platform
  • To provide opportunities for social entrepreneurs and investors to understand each other
  • To devise systems that generate trust