Would you lead to solve social issues with social entrepreneurs worldwide?  Your “purposeful money” will connect activities that make the world much better. We appreciate your cooperation as supporter.

Join as an individual

We, ARUN Seed would like you to share local company’s present situation, trend about social investment worldwide with other supporter members by working on our activities plan, events not only just supporting by money.   It’s community that they have wish to change the world through supporting social business, to involve with social investment.

Main activities

  • Regular activities report and/or investment Monitoring information Distribution
  • Yearly activities report delivering
  • Interaction, exchange of knowledge with member each other
  • Making plan, operate the members only events
  • Participate workshops, events and study tours

It completes the application with 3 sessions to fill out form.

  • <Session:1:Your personal information>
    Please fill out the form with your personal information and agree non-disclosure agreement.
  • <Session:2:Chose membership fee  payment plan>
    Please choose membership fee from 3000 JPY/month5000 JPY/month, 10000 JPY/month, 15000 JPY/month,  and 50000 JPY/year.
  • <Session:3:payment by credit card>
    Please pay fee by your credit card with filling out form.




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