CSI challenge 2016
Since its establishment in 2009, we have successfully executed and promoted social investment in 7 different companies in Cambodia and India. This time, we have launched a new movement “cloud social investment”. This is a new approach aiming to solve the social issue by promoting the investment from Japanese companies into social business across Asia.

Innovation ✖️ Social Challenge for Next Generation
In our first challenge, we look for next generation’s leaders who are passionate about creating new values and solutions for social issues by innovation! A sector of social challenge your company is confronting can be health, water, agriculture, energy, gender and education, etc. We would like to offer you a great chance to exhibit your talents, and to realize your business and potential!

Targeted applicants : Companies with innovative business confronting social issues in Asia. (*eligibility  details are down below)

Targeted area : agriculture, health, water, energy, gender, education and ICT

For selected applicants

  • Investment up to $50,000
  • Support and advice from ARUN’s partners and investors

Program Timeline

  • September 15th ~ October 31th, 2016
    Apprication period. Please apply through our website.

Thank you for visiting CSI challenge 2016 page. Application for this program has closed.

We have received an overwhelming response for this challenge. Thank you very much for applying!  We will contact you by early November ONLY if you are shortlisted for the next stage.
For those who missed this time, stay tune for our next event !

Thank you for your consideration.
-Team CSI

  • Early Novemver, 2016: Document selection by ARUN
  • Middle December, 2016: Presentation session *to be announced

For those who pass through the first stage, you will proceed to the second stage: online presentation session.

  • End of Decemver, 2016: Final selection

A finalist will be announced on our website.

In order to be eligible for CSI challenge, the organization must be:

  • The original idea of the applicant(s)
  • In its start-up phase, usually within the first five years of operation
  • Independent and autonomous
  • An organization can be a for-profit, or hybrid.

Types of organizations that are not eligible to apply:

  • Scholarships, or research projects
  • Organization based on political or religious purposes


“Apply here”


Common Q&A

1. Please let us know your investment structure?
Our investment includes equity, debt and convertible note. We will hold a discussion about the assessment with finalists separately to decide exact amount of investment.

2. Please send us a list of past investees?
As for ARUN’s past investees, please see the following page: http://www.arunllc.jp/en/portfolio/invest/
In addition to the companies listed on the website, this year ARUN invested in drinkwell, which provides clean water solutions in India and Bangladesh.

3. Do you provide any other support like business development or networking?
We do offer both. We have wide networks across different business sectors. By using these resources and past experiences, we offer matching and networking opportunities with Japanese firms. They can offer operational expertise such as financial planning and business models, as well as technical expertise. To learn this more please visit our website: http://www.arunllc.jp/en/arun/description/


For Q&A, please email to csi[at]arunseed.jp

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